What it is

3 of a Kind is the classic radio game of playing three songs having something in common that listeners try and figure out. HIGH CUMES provides this feature in ways that make it sound as if it's produced at your radio station by your staff.

We provide scripts, prizes, audio beds, and a web widget for your website. We do all the heavy lifting, and you get the reward —
a happily entertained audience who knows you're the music-loving station in town.
What you get
3 of a Kind scripts - 260 per year in either Classic Rock or Classic Hits (one for each weekday)

Station-branded web widget enabling listeners to set up auto text alerts to remind them the game is about to start

Station-branded contest prizes - 260 per year, including mailing envelopes and DJ-signed congratulatory letter

Intro sounder and music bed options (12)

Audio Demos

Classic Hits demo of 3 of a Kind - (90 secs)
Classic Rock demo of 3 of a Kind
- (90 secs)


Classic Hits - Cars & Trucks
Classic Hits - Doctor
Classic Hits - Dreams
Classic Rock - Cars & Trucks
Classic Rock - Doctor
Classic Rock - Dreams
Magic Number
Roll & Rock
Rhythm Section
Loosen Up
Theme Park
Etherial Surf
Get Down